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Do you have a school event, a fundraiser, or a more intimate event at your home that you are considering our services for? If so, please disregard the pricing above and contact us so that we can tailor a quote that matches your vision– AND your budget.  No matter your needs, from deliverable template design to the attending of the booth to the final follow-up deliverable, be assured that we spend TRIPLE the amount of time on each an every individual event.

Let’s Schedule Your Event!

It’s NEVER TOO SOON to book your event. Next year (2020) is already filling up fast with a sprinkling of 2021 Events scheduled on some of the special or meaningful days of the year. Remember, you’ll want to book DJKarl himself and he can only be one place at a time…..

Let’s Discuss Your Event!

Well in advance, we should meet and discuss your ideas for the event, any music styles or specific playlists to be put together for you, special moments within the event and how they should be handled, any Master or Ceremony or Introductions you would like us to preside over, etc. Also, some venues have special features, areas or restrictions that might come into play. Last minute surprises might have unintended consequences, so planning is the key.

Let’s Get Ready to Party!

As the Event Date approaches, let’s go over everything one last time, including any revisions to the playlist, timeline, or any other last minute details that require finalizing. Then it’s time for Mohr Fun Events to make the day or evening one that you and your guests will be talking about for a lifetime.

Getting in touch is EASY !